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Early Warning Project (2017-2018)

Apr 03, 2018 03:06PM UTC (6 years ago)

The 2017-2018 Early Warning Project forecasting challenge has concluded. Click here to participate in the 2018-2019 Early Warning Project Challenge. The Early Warning Project (EWP) produces risk assessments for governments, advocacy groups, and at-risk societies to provide more reliable warning about potential mass atrocities, and more opportunities to take preventive action. The EWP (2017-2018) Challenge on GJ Open features questions about countries that the EWP's annual statistical risk assessment identifies as being at increased risk for mass killing. These forecasts will be incorporated into reports for policy makers and advocacy groups dedicated to EWP’s goal of preventing genocide and other mass atrocities. Help bring the wisdom of the crowd to this important issue by joining in the 2017-2018 EWP challenge.

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