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What will be the price per tonne of lithium carbonate in China on 29 December 2023?

Started Dec 23, 2022 06:00PM UTC
Closing Dec 29, 2023 08:01AM UTC

As demand for batteries soars while much of the world works to decarbonize, prices for lithium carbonate have risen more than tenfold from December 2021 to December 2023 (Yahoo Finance, NPR, US News & World Report). The question will be suspended on 28 December 2023 and the outcome determined using Chinese price data as reported by Trading Economics (Trading Economics, select "1Yr" on the lower left of the chart). On 20 December 2022, the price per tonne was CNY552,500.

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Possible Answer Crowd Forecast Change in last 24 hours Change in last week Change in last month
Less than CNY200,000 82.45% +0.00% +0.60% +16.30%
Between CNY200,000 and CNY325,000, inclusive 14.75% +0.00% -0.60% -13.45%
More than CNY325,000 but less than CNY450,000 1.75% +0.00% +0.00% -2.30%
Between CNY450,000 and CNY575,000, inclusive 0.55% +0.00% +0.00% -0.45%
More than CNY575,000 but less than CNY700,000 0.25% +0.00% +0.00% -0.10%
CNY700,000 or more 0.25% +0.00% +0.00% +0.00%

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