How many viewers will tune in to watch Sunday Night Football on 26 November 2017?

Started Nov 21, 2017 06:00PM UTC
Closed Nov 26, 2017 07:59AM UTC

This question will be resolved using Nielsen's Fast National Ratings data as reported on The Futon Critic in the "Sunday's Broadcast Ratings" summary of 19 November 2017. Fast National Ratings are typically reported on the Monday following Sunday programming. This season's Fast National viewership numbers for Sunday Night Football are as follows: 10 September 2017: 21.559 million viewers (The Futon Critic) 17 September 2017: 18.460 million viewers (The Futon Critic) 24 September 2017: 14.537 million viewers (The Futon Critic) 1 October 2017: 14.009 million viewers (The Futon Critic) 8 October 2017: 14.853 million viewers (The Futon Critic) 15 October 2017: 14.423 million viewers (The Futon Critic) 22 October 2017: 16.741 million viewers (The Futon Critic) 29 October 2017: 12.666 million viewers The Futon Critic) 5 November 2017: 11.673 million viewers (The Futon Critic ) 12 November 2017: 15.329 million viewers (The Futon Critic ) 19 November 2017: 18.772 million viewers (The Futon Critic) NOTE: This is an experimental short-term question intended to serve as 'forecasting fodder.' The idea is to give forecasters a way to get scored quickly on questions that demand difficult, multifaceted analysis. Sunday Night Football viewership in any given week may be influenced by long-term trends (e.g. a move to streaming services), or circumstances specific to game day (who is playing, what competing programming will air), among other factors. Confused? Check our FAQ or ask us for help.
According to The Futon Critic 16.338 million viewers tuned in to watch Sunday Night Football on November 26, 2017. This question was closed as "e) More than 16 million," with an end date of 27 November 2017. See our FAQ to learn about how we resolve questions and how scores are calculated.
Possible Answer Correct? Final Crowd Forecast
Fewer than 14.5 million 0%
Between 14.5 million and 15 million, inclusive 4%
More than 15 million but less than 15.5 million 16%
Between 15.5 million and 16 million, inclusive 22%
More than 16 million 58%

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