Free Resources

GJ Open Resources
Getting acquainted with the basics:
1. Introduction to Forecasting on GJ Open [Video]
2. Keeping Score on GJ Open [Interactive Video]
3. The Ordered Categorical Scoring Rule on GJ Open [PDF]
Research Insights from Philip Tetlock and Barbara Mellers
1. Building Better Forecasters [Video]
2. Why an Open Mind is Key to Making Better Predictions [Video]
3. Superforecaster Full Video [Video]
Edge Master Class 2015:
A Short Course in Superforecasting with Philip Tetlock
Class I: What We Discover When We Start Scoring Accuracy
Class II: Prying Open Closed Minds in Unnecessarily Polarized Debates
Class III: Counterfactual History: The Elusive Control Groups in Policy Debates
Class IV: Skillful Backward and Forward Reasoning in Time
Class V: Condensing it All Into Four Big Problems and a Killer App Solution

          Paid Resources

               Superforecasting Fundamentals online training courseGood Judgment co-founders Phil Tetlock and Barb Mellers built this short, three-module course to                         cover the concepts that had the most impact on forecasting accuracy for participants in GJP research.

               Public WorkshopsProfessional Superforecasters and Good Judgment researchers lead workshop sessions on what makes a good forecaster, how forecasters                   boost accuracy by reducing the impact of cognitive biases and working on teams, and other relevant topics.
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