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The Data Detective Challenge

Jan 01, 2022 08:01AM UTC (2 years ago)

Tim Harford, “the Undercover Economist,” is a Financial Times columnist, BBC broadcaster, the author of nine books, and host of the podcasts “More or Less” and “Cautionary Tales.”

His latest book, The Data Detective (as known in North America and elsewhere, How to Make the World Add Up), features ten easy rules to make sense of statistics and focuses on how to think sensibly about the claims—particularly statistical claims—that we see in the media. Rule Ten, “Keep an Open Mind,” references the work of Tetlock, Mellers, and Moore and the early discoveries of the Good Judgment Project.

The Data Detective Challenge features questions that will require you to stay focused on the evidence and reasoning as you make your predictions.

Need some advice as you start forecasting in The Data Detective Challenge? Harford offers up some great tips, as well as insights from his book, in this video

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