Started Aug 14, 2020 05:00PM UTC   •   Closed Jul 01, 2021 07:01AM UTC

The Mack Institute asks:

Before 1 January 2023, will Amazon or a subsidiary use a Zoox autonomous vehicle to deliver a package and/or for a public ride-hailing service?

In late June 2020, Amazon acquired self-driving technology company Zoox for approximately $1.3 billion (CNBC, Forbes). While Amazon has framed the acquisition as a move into ride-hailing, there is speculation that the move could lead to greater automation of package deliveries (Amazon, India Times, Forbes). An autonomous vehicle with a backup driver would count for resolution. A public ride-hailing service does not need to involve payment to count for resolution.

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Possible Answer Final Crowd Forecast
Yes, only to deliver a package but not for a public ride-hailing service 24%
Yes, only a for public ride-hailing service but not to deliver a package 0%
Yes, both to deliver a package and for a public ride-hailing service 11%
No 46%
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