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The Economist asks:

How many opioid overdoses resulting in death will occur in the US in 2026?

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Deaths attributed to opioid overdoses reached a record high in 2019 (National Institute on Drug Abuse). The outcome will be determined using data as provided by the CDC's WONDER database (CDC - WONDER). To access the relevant data as of the launch of this question, click the "I Agree" button, navigate to the "Request Form" tab, change "Group Results By" to "Year." Next under "6. Select underlying cause of death," select UCD - ICD-10 Codes and expand the section on "V01-Y90 (External causes of morbidity and mortality)" to find and select the following codes: X40, X41, X42, X43, X44, X60, X61, X62, X63, X64, X85, Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13, and Y14. Under "7. Select multiple cause of death," select "MCD - ICD-10 Codes" and expand the section on "S00-T98..." to find and select T40.0, T40.1, T40.2, T40.3, T40.4, and T40.6. Move these codes to the top box on the left, "Select records with any of these items," and then click "Send." As of this question's launch, the total for 2019 was 49,860 deaths.

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