As of 1 June 2017, will a European Bank own a branch office or subsidiary bank located in Iran?

Started Jun 07, 2016 05:00PM UTC
Closed Jun 16, 2016 03:43PM UTC

UPDATE 6/16/16: This has been voided. EIH Bank, headquartered in Hamburg, already owns branches in Tehran and Kish Island. Our question team is looking into whether a new question, which asks about European banks opening new branches or subsidiaries in Iran, is tractable. We appreciate the feedback from forecasters who brought this issue to our attention. Since many international sanctions were lifted in early 2016, Iran has been eager to have major international banks resume operations in its territory, and the US has encouraged banks to do so (AP), but banks remain wary (Reuters). European banks are banks whose headquarters are located in EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein. Recommended Questions: How will Iran rank in the World Economic Forum’s 2016-2017 Global Competitiveness Index?
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Possible Answer Final Crowd Forecast
Yes 60.00%
No 40.00%
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