UBS asks:

What will happen next with respect to the used car company Carvana?

Started Mar 03, 2023 06:00PM UTC
Closing Aug 01, 2023 07:01AM UTC

With the car market cooling down as supply chain woes ease and interest rates rising, Carvana is facing various struggles (The Drive, Yahoo Finance, Kelly Blue Book). The question would close early upon a bankruptcy filing from Carvana in the US or an announcement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission that a party or parties has agreed to either merge with or purchase the whole company.

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Possible Answer Crowd Forecast Change in last 24 hours Change in last week Change in last month
Carvana will file for bankruptcy in the US 17.40% +0.00% -0.45% -1.90%
Carvana will announce an agreement that it will either merge with or be acquired by another firm 17.35% +0.00% -0.30% -4.85%
Neither will occur before 1 August 2023 65.25% +0.00% +0.75% +6.75%

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