If we added a Sports Challenge, what are some of the sports and sport metrics (e.g., MVPs, champions, leading scorers) 1) you would forecast, and 2) you think others would forecast, especially people who would be new to forecasting on GJOpen?

Started Jan 30, 2024 08:30PM UTC
Closed Mar 01, 2024 08:01AM UTC

Use the comment box to suggest sports, leagues, Olympic events, and related topics on which you would like to forecast and which you think others would like to forecast.

This is a discussion question with no scoring, and feel free to upvote any suggestions you like.

All suggestions welcome, but please keep it germane to sports! If it's something that may be relatively obscure in terms of mass media, please be specific and detailed in your suggestions.

Sport (n): a game, competition, or activity needing effort and skill that is played or done according to predetermined rules.
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