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Will Verizon and Yahoo conclude their merger before 1 June 2017?

In July 2016, Verizon Communications Inc. agreed to purchase and merge with Yahoo Inc. in a $4.8258 billion deal. The merger was supposed to be completed by March 2017, but has been delayed by the revelation of widespread hacking of 1 billion of Yahoo's users (Fortune, CBS, US News). Should a final merger deal involve Verizon offering equity as well as cash, the dollar value of the equity provided plus the cash provided will be used to calculate the final price of the deal (e.g. NY Times).

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Name Probability
Yes, for a price of less than $4.8258 billion 0%
Yes, for a price of $4.8258 billion 0%
Yes, for a price more than $4.8258 billion 0%
No 100%

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