(Open) What questions about cyber security should GJ ask in 2017 and how should we ask them?

Started Feb 07, 2017 06:00PM UTC
Closed Mar 08, 2017 07:59AM UTC

Cyber security risks are a growing challenge to all sectors of the world. In the last year, we've seen Russia sanctioned for using cyber attacks to disrupt elections, a high-priced merger put on hold after Yahoo revealed that millions of accounts had been hacked, and Kiev's power grid taken out by a cyber attack. Good Judgment wants our forecasting community to tackle this important topic in 2017, but we know that the cyber security domain makes it challenging to craft clairvoyant questions and adjudicate those questions using open source material. As we brainstorm how to tackle these issues, we want your ideas. Please use the comment thread to put suggestions about what questions we should ask and how specifically we should ask them, and use the forecast field to assign a probability to your prediction. This is an open-ended question with no scoring. Confused? Check our FAQ or ask us for help.
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