Started Apr 11, 2017 05:00PM UTC   •   Closed Oct 01, 2017 05:00PM UTC (10 months ago)

Before 1 April 2018, will India announce that it has begun, or will begin, new construction that dams any part of the of the Indus, Jhelum, or Chenab rivers, or their upper tributaries?

Building dams across the Indus, Jhelum, and Chenab rivers -- whose headwaters are controlled by India but whose downstream flow is allocated to Pakistan by the Indus Water Treaty -- could increase tensions between the two countries over water (Foreign Policy, Hindustan Times, New Delhi Times).

UPDATE: GJ is looking into the specifications of the Ganderbal Project (Hydroworld, HCC) to confirm if all requirements of the forecasting question have or have not been met.

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India announced that it will begin new construction that dams part of the of the Chenab rivers. this question closed as “yes” with an end date of 1 October 2017 (NDTV).

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