Question 4 of 10 in The Russia Challenge
Started Apr 18, 2018 05:00PM UTC   •   Closing Apr 18, 2019 06:59AM UTC

What will be the all-time count of pro-Kremlin disinformation cases identified by the European Union External Action Service's East StratCom Task Force as of 18 April 2019?

Allegations of Russian disinformation have been on the rise in Europe, the US, and beyond (The Economist, The Independent, NATO). This question will be resolved using the all-time count of disinformation cases identified by the European UnionÍs East StratCom Task Force at the bottom of this page, by moving the slider all the way to the right: here. The all-time count of disinformation cases on 18 April 2018 was 3946. The website was started in November 2015, and an analysis of the data indicates that there were 2023 cases in 2016 and 1321 cases in 2017.

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Name Probability
Less than 4300 6%
Between 4300 and 4900, inclusive 6%
More than 4900 but less than 5500 75%
Between 5500 and 6300, inclusive 8%
More than 6300 5%

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