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2024 UBS Asset Management Investments Recruitment Challenge

Aug 17, 2024 07:01AM UTC (2 months)

It's back for a second year! You’re invited to participate in the 2024 UBS Asset Management Investments Recruitment Challenge, our unique joint venture between UBS Asset Management Investments and Good Judgment Inc, the commercial spinoff of Professor Philip Tetlock’s Good Judgment Project and the official home of Superforecasting®.

Superforecasting is all about making predictions on the likely outcome of future events using probabilistic forecasts. Forecasting topics can be about anything - from election results to sports, from environmental topics to market moves!

The 2024 UBS Asset Management Investments Recruitment Challenge, our second such joint engagement, lets you practice how to make forecasts on selected questions and win a prize.

How it works

Beginning in April 2024, questions will be added periodically to the Challenge for a total of at least twenty-five (25) questions.

The three leaders of the Challenge will win an invitation to an exclusive UBS networking and coaching event to meet with senior leaders in the Asset Management business and the directors of our junior talent programs.

To be eligible for this prize, you must forecast on at least twenty (20) questions in the Challenge. While everyone is certainly welcome to participate in the Challenge, please note that these invitations will only be granted to full-time undergraduates or master's students, enrolled in school during the entire competition, and expected to graduate no earlier than January 2026 (i.e., after the Fall 2025 semester). As such, only eligible students should fill out the survey here.

Please note also that only forecasts on questions in this challenge will count toward your eligibility. Feel free to forecast on any other questions you'd like on the site.

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