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Started Jul 24, 2020 05:00PM UTC   •   Closing Jan 16, 2021 08:01AM UTC

When will a Carnival Cruise Line cruise next depart from the continental U.S.?

The U.S. government imposed a "No Sail Order" on cruise ships in March 2020, which has been repeatedly extended (CDC, CNBC). A cruise must include ticketed passengers to count.

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Note 17 August 2020: "Carnival Cruise Lines" was made plural in error. It has been corrected.

Name Probability
Before 2 October 2020 0%
Between 2 October 2020 and 23 November 2020 0%
Between 24 November 2020 and 15 January 2021 0%
Not before 16 January 2021 100%

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