Where will Inter Miami rank in the Eastern Conference at the end of the 2024 Major League Soccer (MLS) regular season?

Started Feb 23, 2024 03:00PM UTC
Closing Oct 19, 2024 07:01AM UTC

Inter Miami made headlines worldwide when it signed soccer superstar Lionel Messi in July 2023, though the team failed to make the playoffs (Leagues Cup, MLS - News, CBS Sports). As of the launch of this question, Inter Miami's last regular season game is scheduled for 19 October 2024 (MLS - Inter Miami 2024 Schedule, 2024 MLS Competition Guidelines).

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Possible Answer Crowd Forecast Change in last 24 hours Change in last week Change in last month
First or second 85.50% +1.67% +2.42% +2.80%
Third or fourth 10.75% -0.17% -0.92% -3.55%
Fifth, sixth, or seventh 3.17% -0.66% -0.66% +1.37%
Eighth or ninth 0.50% -0.42% -0.42% -0.10%
Tenth or lower 0.08% -0.42% -0.42% -0.52%

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