When will the percentage of Americans who have an unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump fall below 50.0%, according to FiveThirtyEight?

Started Mar 08, 2024 06:00PM UTC
Closing Jul 27, 2024 07:01AM UTC

The outcome determined using chart data provided by FiveThirtyEight's "Do Americans have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump?" page (FiveThirtyEight, with "POLL TYPE" set to "Favorability," "POLITICIAN/INSTITUTION" set to "Donald Trump," and "SUBPOPULATION" set to "All"). As of the launch of this question, Trump's unfavorable rating on 26 February 2024 was 51.9%. The question will close as of the earliest date for which Trump has an unfavorability rating under 50.0%, but at least seven calendar days must first past from that date to allow for potential revisions.

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NOTE 11 March 2024: There was a typo in the question description that has now been fixed.

Possible Answer Crowd Forecast Change in last 24 hours Change in last week Change in last month
Before 12 April 2024 0% 0% 0% -0.94%
Between 12 April 2024 and 16 May 2024 1.00% +1.00% 0% -0.54%
Between 17 May 2024 and 20 June 2024 3.00% 0% 0% -1.18%
Between 21 June 2024 and 26 July 2024 11.00% -1.00% +1.00% +2.52%
Not before 27 July 2024 85.00% 0% -1.00% +0.14%

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