Started Nov 15, 2016 06:00PM UTC   •   Closed Dec 01, 2017 07:59AM UTC

Will Salva Kiir cease to be President of South Sudan before 1 December 2017?

Salva Kiir has been president of South Sudan since the country became independent in July 2011 (BBC), but his government has been fighting a civil war against forces led by his former vice president, Riek Machar, since late 2013 (US Institute of Peace). In the event that Kiir reportedly disappears or flees the capital, GJI will observe a three-week waiting period, at the end of which the question will close retroactively to the date of his disappearance or exodus. If Kiir returns in the interim, the question will remain open.

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Salva Kiir remains President of South Sudan. This question closed as “b) No,” with and end date of 1 December 2017.

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