Started Feb 24, 2017 06:00PM UTC   •   Closing Dec 29, 2017 07:59AM UTC

The CFA Society Los Angeles asks

What will be the closing spot price for Brent crude oil on 29 December 2017?

Outcome will be determined by the daily closing spot price for wholesale Brent crude oil reported by the Energy Information Administration (US Energy Information Agency). The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects that Brent crude oil prices will rise slightly in 2017 (USEIA). A poll of 29 oil analysts and economists shows forecasts ranging from $50 to $83 per barrel of Brent crude oil in 2017 (Reuters).

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Name Probability
Less than $40 per barrel 0%
Between $40 and $50 per barrel, inclusive 0%
More than $50 but less than $60 per barrel 34%
Between $60 and $70 per barrel, inclusive 66%
More than $70 per barrel 0%

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