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Will the PITF Worldwide Atrocities Dataset record an event perpetrated by a non-state actor in Burundi (BDI) that starts between 4 October 2017 and 31 October 2017?

Started Oct 04, 2017 04:00PM UTC
Closed Oct 31, 2017 06:59AM UTC

The question will resolve as "yes" if the Political Instability Task Force (PITF) Worldwide Atrocities Dataset records any event with a start date (Start Day, Start Month, Start Year) in the period of interest, inclusive, for which 'Event Location: Country' is the country of interest, and 'Perpetrators: Perp State Role' is: Multiple Perpetrators (Non-State); Non-State, Internal, No State Sanction; Transnational, Non-State; or Unknown/Unclear/Other. Question will be suspended on the last day of the period of interest and resolved when the data is released, typically in the middle of the next month via the .zip file which covers the period of interest. If a qualifying event is recorded, the question will be closed retroactively with the date of the first event as the end date of the question. Confused? Check our FAQ or ask us for help.
Due to a temporary pause in data availability this question will remain closed and unresolved until data becomes available. This is currently expected to be around March 2018.
This question has ended, but is awaiting resolution by an admin.

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