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Fareed Zakaria GPS invites you to anticipate the major stories of 2018 in the Global Judgment Challenge. Featured questions span the globe, from the US to Syria and Iran, from Europe to the South China Sea. Join the challenge today.

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Join The Economist's The World in 2018 forecasting challenge to test your ability to predict the political, economic, and cultural events featured in the annual compilation of predictions.

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Are you a Superforecaster®? Can you predict the future better than the pundits in the media? Join Good Judgment Open, the site for serious forecasting.

GJ Open is more than a game. It’s the best possible place to hone your forecasting skills. We’ve designed GJ Open specifically to help you improve your forecasting abilities. Make a forecast, explain your reasoning (and be challenged by others), and find out how you stack up against the crowd.

From the future of US politics to international affairs, from technology to sports and entertainment, there's bound to be something in your wheelhouse.

Still not sure? Check out our active challenges, our featured questions, or browse a list of all questions on GJ Open.

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