Started May 24, 2019 04:45PM UTC   •   Closing Sep 24, 2019 06:59AM UTC

The Economist asks

On 25 September 2019, what will be Venezuela's annual inflation rate according to Bloomberg's Cafe Con Leche Index?

Venezuela has been experiencing hyperinflation (The Economist, BBC).  The question will be resolved using Bloomberg's "Cafe Con Leche Index" (Bloomberg).  The inflation rate can be retrieved by selecting "1 YEAR" and observing the number under "Annual Inflation Rate" on the right.

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Name Probability
Less than 50,000% 95%
Between 50,000% and 100,000%, inclusive 4%
Between 100,000% and 200,000% 1%
Between 200,000% and 500,000%, inclusive 0%
More than 500,000% 0%

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