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Started Sep 04, 2020 05:00PM UTC   •   Closing Jul 01, 2021 07:01AM UTC

In Google v. Oracle America, will the Supreme Court rule that the Copyright Act protects the Oracle computer source code that Google copied for its Android operating system?


To implement its Android operating system, “Google copied 11,500 lines of Oracle’s original, human-readable computer source code, as well as the intricate structure and organization of 37 large packages of computer programs” ( Oracle sued Google for copyright infringement and the issue has reached the Supreme Court (Oyez, SCOTUSblog, Lexology, ZDNet). Whether the Supreme Court rules on Google’s copying of Oracle’s code being fair use or not is immaterial to the resolution of this question. The Supreme Court is expected to hand down its decision in its 2020 term, but if it does not, the question will resolve as "No." If the Court decides this case without addressing this question's particular issue of law, the question will close as "No."

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