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Private Superforecasting Workshop asks:

As of 1 July 2022, will France and/or Germany require the wearing of face masks in indoor public places?

Denmark became the first EU member state to eliminate all of its COVID-19 restrictions, and other states are considering the future of their own measures, including mandatory masking (CNN, France 24, The Local). The outcome will be determined using data as provided by "Re-open EU" for France and Germany in July 2022 (Re-open EU). For each country, see "General measures" under "CORONAVIRUS MEASURES" (Re-open EU - France General measures, Re-open EU - Germany General measures). If that site ceases to provide updated information, general open-source reporting will be used for resolution. Local measures within either country would be immaterial, and a lifting of masking requirements with specific exceptions (e.g., medical facilities, homes for the elderly) would count.

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NOTE 20 June 2022: For the purposes of this question, public transport and/or long-distance train or plane facilities are not considered to concern "public indoor places."

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