hollyhock asks:

Who will be sworn in as the next prime minister of the Netherlands?

Started Dec 08, 2023 06:00PM UTC
Closing Nov 23, 2024 08:01AM UTC

The nationalist Freedom Party (PVV) led by Geert Wilders won the most seats in the Dutch general elections held on 22 November 2023, setting the stage for a potentially difficult path to forming a government (aka cabinet) (AP, BBC, Dutch House of Representatives - Cabinet). The appointment of a new caretaker prime minister would not count.

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NOTE 20 February 2024: For the purposes of this question, any person who was on a party's list in the 2023 election is considered to be a member of that party.

Possible Answer Crowd Forecast Change in last 24 hours Change in last week Change in last month
Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party (PVV) 0% 0% 0% -5.00%
Another member of the Freedom Party (PVV) 13.00% 0% -1.00% -10.00%
A member of either the Green Left Party (GL) or Labour Party (PvdA) 5.00% 0% -2.00% -4.00%
A member of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) 15.00% +1.00% -2.00% -5.00%
Someone else 44.00% -1.00% +3.00% +21.00%
No new prime minister will be sworn in before 23 November 2024 or new elections will be called 23.00% 0% +2.00% +3.00%

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