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Will there be a lethal confrontation in the South or East China Sea region involving China's and another country's national military forces or law enforcement personnel before 1 January 2017?

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For this question, a lethal confrontation is one that results in at least three fatalities, including civilians killed inadvertently. In the South China Sea, overlapping territorial claims, China's construction of artificial islands, and disagreements over freedom of navigation have heightened tensions (Foreign Policy, Reuters, The Diplomat). In the East China Sea, China and Japan make competing claims to a group of islands and frequently dispatch planes and boats to assert or defend those claims (The Diplomat, Council on Foreign Relations). Recommended Questions Will China officially declare an Air-Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over any part of the South China Sea before 1 October 2016? Will China conduct naval exercises with any ASEAN member before 1 June 2016?

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