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Will Russia conduct a naval exercise in the Western Hemisphere with a Central or South American country before 1 July 2016?

This question resolved on 30 June 2016: Russia continues to plan for expanded influence in the Western Hemisphere, and to project naval power more broadly, but has not conducted any exercises during this timeframe (Center for Security Policy, The Diplomat) Table top exercises, war games, and simulations would not suffice to resolve the question. Russia conducted military exercises with Venezuela in 2008 and again in 2015 (teleSUR, NY Times). Recently, the Russian government has indicated that it might conduct joint military exercises with forces from Cuba and/or Nicaragua (Newsweek, Southern Pulse). For the purposes of this question, Central America includes Mexico and the Caribbean. Recommended Questions Will Vladimir Putin attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, in March 2016? Will China conduct naval exercises with any ASEAN member before 1 June 2016?

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