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For how many countries and territories in the African Region will the World Health Organization (WHO) report a transmission classification of "Local transmission" in its Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation report for 25 June 2020?

Transmission classification is based on WHO analysis of available official data and may be subject to reclassification as additional data become available. Countries/territories/areas experiencing multiple types of transmission are classified in the highest category for which there is evidence; they may be removed from a given category if interruption of transmission can be demonstrated (WHO). As of 24 March 2020, WHO assigned a "Local transmission" classification to 10 countries and territories among the region's 39 countries and territories with reported cases (WHO 24 March Situation Report). If WHO does not publish a situation report for 25 June 2020, the outcome will be determined using the most recently available situation report.

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Late last week, WHO substantively changed how it classifies the degree of domestic transmission in its COVID-19 situation reports. As the categories have changed without the means to establish the status of African countries at the threshold defined by the question, this question has been voided.

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WHO reporting changes
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