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Started Sep 11, 2020 05:00PM UTC   •   Closing May 01, 2021 07:01AM UTC

Private Superforecasting Workshop asks:

Will any 2020 California election results be altered by a cyberattack against a voting system?

Cyberattacks against voting systems in the 2020 elections are an object of continuing concern, including in California (Washington Post, CBS SF BayArea, California AB 2125, National Conference of State Legislatures). A relevant cyberattack against a federal, state, or local election system that changes vote totals and/or an election outcome for California would count. For purposes of this question, "voting system" is a system as defined by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (U.S. Election Assistance Commission). This question will resolve based on available evidence no later than 1 May 2021.

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