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Will the government of Belarus publicly announce or acknowledge that its armed forces have engaged in armed fighting in Ukraine before 21 October 2023?

Started Apr 21, 2023 05:00PM UTC
Closed Oct 21, 2023 07:01AM UTC

While Belarus has not officially engaged in fighting in Ukraine, there are concerns that it could be drawn into the fighting (CNN, European Leadership Network, Al Jazeera). For the purposes of this question, "Ukraine" includes the boundaries generally recognized by the international community, including Donbas and Crimea. The participation and the announcement/acknowledgement would both have to occur during the question's open period to count. Acknowledging that members of the Belarusian armed forces may have volunteered to fight under Russian or Ukrainian command in a Russian or Ukrainian military unit would not count. Members of the Belarusian armed forces being placed under Russian military command by the Belarusian government and the government of Belarus acknowledging that those Belarusian troops have engaged in fighting in Ukraine would count.

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The question closed "No" with a closing date of 21 October 2023.

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