If Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) ground forces invade the Gaza Strip before 17 October 2023, when will Israel publicly announce or acknowledge that IDF ground forces have left the Gaza Strip?

Started Oct 08, 2023 11:30PM UTC
Closing Aug 27, 2024 07:01AM UTC

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that those responsible for the early October attacks in southern Israel will "will pay an unprecedented price" as Israel mobilizes forces near the Gaza Strip (Times of Israel, AP).

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Due to an error in loading the question, an answer option, "Israeli ground forces will not invade the Gaza Strip before 17 October 2023" wasn't published. As Israel hadn't invaded Gaza before 17 October 2023, the "If" clause in the question is unfulfilled. Therefore, the question has been voided and an updated version has been launched (https://www.gjopen.com/questions/3069).
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