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How many countries will Russia remove from its food embargo list before 6 August 2016?

This question has been closed under answer option "a)0" with an end date of 5 August 2016. Russia extended its food embargo through the end of 2017 (RT, Sputnik International). While there have been modifications to the embargo, notably to allow the importation of certain products for use in baby food (Russia Beyond the Headlines, Tass), all of the embargoed countries remain on the list. Russia imposed an embargo on food imports from the US, EU member states, Canada, Australia, and Norway in August 2014 as retaliation for western sanctions, later adding Iceland, Albania, Montenegro, and Liechtenstein to the list (Yahoo News). On 16 September 2015, Russia lifted the embargo on specialized products for sports nutrition (LatestNewsResource), but most of the embargo remains in place for all affected countries. If new countries are added to the list before the question expires, their subsequent removal will count. This question will be scored using the ordered categorial scoring rule. For more information, see the FAQ. Recommended Questions Will President Putin meet with Prime Minister Abe in Japan before 1 July 2016? Will any NATO member invoke Article 4 in response to actions taken by Russia before 1 January 2017? Will Vladimir Putin attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, in March 2016?

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