Will any NATO member invoke Article 4 in response to actions taken by Russia before 1 January 2017?

Started Nov 03, 2015 08:00PM UTC
Closed Dec 31, 2016 06:00PM UTC

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Article 4 was invoked by Turkey in 2015 in response to developments in Syria and by Poland in 2014 in response to developments in Ukraine (The Economist, NATO ). For more information on Article 4 see NATO. NATO has voiced concern about Russia's actions in the Baltics and violations of Turkey's airspace (NY Times, Guardian). Recommended Questions How many countries will Russia remove from its food embargo list before 6 August 2016? Will President Putin meet with Prime Minister Abe in Japan before 1 July 2016? Will Vladimir Putin attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, in March 2016?
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