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Will Iran's President Hassan Rouhani meet Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud before 1 September 2016?

This question was closed as "B)No" on 31 August 2016. There is no indication that Rouhani and King Salman have met and tensions between the two countries remain high. Although Saudi Arabia and Iran continue to compete for influence in the Middle East, they have common interests in stabilizing oil prices, controlling domestic unrest, and fighting the Islamic State (International Business Times, Financial Times ). Recommended Questions Will Iran host a head of state or head of government from one of the G7 countries on an official visit before 1 July 2016? Will the US or the UN impose any new sanctions on Iran before 18 October 2016? Will China conduct bilateral military exercises with either Iran or Saudi Arabia before 1 October 2016?

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