Subhenau asks:

What will be the ending stocks of crude oil in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) as of 29 November 2024?

Started Aug 11, 2023 05:00PM UTC
Closing Nov 29, 2024 08:01AM UTC

With US oil stockpiles in the SPR down substantially since President Biden took office, Republicans and Democrats are fighting over what to do next (PBS, Oil Price, US House Energy and Commerce Committee, The question will be suspended on 28 November 2024 and the outcome determined using data as reported by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) when first released for 29 November 2024, expected in early December 2024 (EIA). As of 28 July 2023, ending stocks totaled 346,759 thousand barrels.

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Possible Answer Crowd Forecast Change in last 24 hours Change in last week Change in last month
Less than 325,000 thousand barrels 1.86% -0.14% -0.14% -1.14%
Between 325,000 thousand barrels and 350,000 thousand barrels, inclusive 6.93% -0.07% -2.07% -2.07%
More than 350,000 thousand barrels but less than 375,000 thousand barrels 33.14% -1.86% -1.86% -9.86%
Between 375,000 thousand barrels and 400,000 thousand barrels, inclusive 51.36% +2.36% +3.36% +8.36%
More than 400,000 thousand barrels but less than 425,000 thousand barrels 4.36% +0.36% +0.36% +2.36%
Between 425,000 thousand barrels and 450,000 thousand barrels, inclusive 1.64% -0.36% +0.64% +1.64%
More than 450,000 thousand barrels 0.71% -0.29% -0.29% +0.71%

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