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Before 21 January 2025, will a US federal court issue declaratory and/or injunctive relief preventing the enforcement of the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act (TikTok divest-or-ban law) against TikTok and/or ByteDance?

Started May 17, 2024 05:00PM UTC
Closing Jan 21, 2025 08:01AM UTC

On 24 April 2024, the TikTok divest-or-ban bill became law, which gives TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance, 270 days to comply or divest, with a possible 90-day extension (NPR, - H.R. 815). On 7 May 2024, TikTok and ByteDance sued, claiming that the law is unconstitutional (The Hill, Courthouse News - TikTok/ByteDance). A preliminary or permanent injunction preventing enforcement would count, as would a declaratory judgment that the law is unconstitutional. Appeals subsequent to the issuance of relief is immaterial.

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Yes 34.80% -1.80% -1.20% -5.80%
No 65.20% +1.80% +1.20% +5.80%

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