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What will happen next regarding the FDIC's standard maximum deposit insurance amount limit?

Started Mar 17, 2023 05:00PM UTC
Closing Dec 28, 2023 08:01AM UTC

Amid bank failure fallout, some are suggesting that the FDIC should increase the $250,000 maximum of deposit insurance at US banks (NPR, Politico, DNYUZ, Investopedia, Cornell, see (a)(1)(E)). Specific actions taken by the Federal Reserve and/or the executive branch that have the effect of covering deposits in excess of $250,000 would not count (e.g., Federal Reserve - Joint Statement by Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC). The date that legislation would take effect is immaterial.

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NOTE 20 March 2023: Legislation that would temporarily raise the standard maximum deposit insurance amount or temporarily abolish/remove the limit would not count.

NOTE 1 May 2023: Increases must be applicable to all FDIC-insured depositors to count, and a greater increase for certain classes of deposits than for others would count so long as all limits are increased.

Possible Answer Crowd Forecast Change in last 24 hours Change in last week Change in last month
Legislation to increase the limit from the current $250,000 will become law 1.72% +0.04% -3.16% -3.80%
Legislation to abolish the limit will become law 0.44% +0.04% -0.28% -1.60%
Neither will occur before 28 December 2023 97.84% -0.08% +3.44% +5.40%

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