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The Economist asks:

What will be the U.S. domestic box office gross in the opening weekend for the next James Bond film No Time to Die?


No Time to Die, starring Daniel Craig for the fifth time as James Bond, is the 25th installment in the Bond movie franchise (Economist, IMDB). The film is scheduled to be released domestically on 25 November (formerly 8 April) 2020, and the outcome will be determined with "Domestic Weekend" data for the weekend of 27-29 November (formerly 10-12 April) 2020 as reported by Box Office Mojo (BoxOfficeMojo). The opening weekends for the last two Bond films totaled: 

Skyfall (2012): $88,364,714 (BoxOfficeMojo)

Spectre (2015): $70,403,148 (BoxOfficeMojo)

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NOTE 5 March 2020: As some of you are aware, the producers of No Time to Die have postponed the release of the film in the U.S. to 25 November 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns (BBC). As such, we have adjusted the suspend date to reflect the new release date. Since this is beyond the time frame for the Economist challenge, the question will only continue as a question only in In the News. The outcome will now be determined by data for the days of 27-29 November.

Name Probability
No Time to Die will gross as much or less than Spectre ($70,403,148) 27%
No Time to Die will gross more than Spectre but less than Skyfall ($88,364,714) 32%
No Time to Die will gross as much or more than Skyfall 41%

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